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Expert Droylsden Rat Control

Brown RatFinding a Rat Infestation in or around your property can not only be a frightening experience, with some rats reaching sizes of ten inches or more, but they can also be a serious health risk to residents. Though we hardly need to worry about catching the Bubonic Plague from them anymore, the Centre for Disease Control lists up to a dozen diseases that these animals are known to carry and can bring into contact with humans through their presence amongst food stores and other areas. Rats are also notorious for their ability to chew through almost anything, leaving wood, cardboard, pipes and event walls in tatters. They even pose a fire hazard as they gnaw through electric cables. Upon the first sighting, it is essential to call in professional help. Luckily, Young's Pest Control get rid of rats discreetly and with guaranteed effectiveness.

Spotting a Droylsden Rat Infestation

It is not necessary to find the source of the infestation before you call Young's. The sighting of a single rat on your property is reason enough to call us and we can provide the necessary experience to track down entry holes and begin the pest control treatment. Indicators that you might need our Droylsden rat control service include the sighting of droppings, noticeable grease marks running underneath cabinets or along the edge of walls, holes in any food storage containers you might use and, of course, the unpleasant discovery of a deceased specimen.

Dangers of a Rat Infestation

Droylsden rat control is essential. Without it you leave anyone using your property in danger of contracting Weil's disease, the most commonly carried disease, amongst a number of others. If you are a commercial enterprise then failure to get rid of rats can result in serious indictments from health agencies and will, of course, send health and safety ratings plummeting. The structural integrity of your property may also be endangered as rats will chew through any weaknesses they find in order to reach a food source.

ratWhy use Young's Professional Pest Control Treatment?

  • As professionals, we have the licensing to use strong pesticides and we know exactly how and where to implement them without endangering you or your property.
  • We offer a 24-hour service which means that whenever you have a problem, we can be there within an hour of your call as part of our emergency response policy.
  • Our service is discreet. We use unmarked vans to ensure that no one is aware of your problem.
  • We have no call out charge and our work is guaranteed.

So do not let rats get the better of you; use Young's Pest Control treatment and get the peace of mind you deserve.