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24-Hour Clayton Rat Control Treatment 

What is the first thought that comes to yourClayton Rat Control Treatment head when you see the word rats? To most, the feeling isn't as anxiety or discomfort. That's probably because most of you haven't experienced a rat infestation. According to a Clayton Rat Catcher Near Me, most people don't know how intense rats can be.

 Let us try and shed some light. Currently, there are two kinds of rats that most people will agree to have seen. According to our Rat control treatments and removal service, the brown and black rats are the two types of rats native to the United Kingdom.

 Now that we know about these two rats, how do we tell them apart?

 Brown Rats (Sewer Rats)

 An experienced Clayton Rat exterminator described a brown rat with a heavy body, tiny ears, a blunt nose, greyish colour, and a tail shorter than its body.

 Black Rats

 These are the more dangerous of the two, and even though they are pretty rare, it would be nice to know a thing or two about them. Commonly called by its Latin name, Rattus rattus, these rats have been known to give birth a lot meaning that chances of an infestation are more likely.

 Both these rats are unpleasant to haveClayton Rat Control Treatment around your household and can significantly lower the quality of life for everyone residing in it. Did you know that rats can bite humans? Rats have been known to bite and even bite humans, and that is a fact.

 This is not even the scariest fact, however. Rats can transmit several diseases to human beings. It does this is through direct contact with human skin, and another more common way is through the way we interact with its bodily fluids.

 Here Are Common Diseases Transmitted By Rats:

 Black Plague: also known as the significant mortality, the black death plagued Asia and Europe in the mid 14th century. The disease is claimed to be caused by fleas that hide in the fur of rats, according to our 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Rats specialist.

 Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis is an infection in the body caused by a virus in rats' urine and saliva.

 Salmonellosis: A disease caused when human beings ingest food or water that contains rat droppings.

Clayton Rat Control TreatmentThis is just the tip of the iceberg, though, regarding the damage that rats can cause. According to the Clayton rat catcher near me, Structural damage is also typical in rat infestations. Rats are very destructive. They will easily eat through plastic and wood, thus leaving holes in them.

 This can be a sure sign that a rat infestation is underway on your premises. Other signs include:

 Rat droppings

 Footprints and tail prints

 Teeth marks or chewing marks on objects they have encountered

 Body marks – these are left when grease on their bodies rubs on surfaces. These marks help guide the rats as they have a poor sense of sight.

 Now we know the temptation to try and solve a rat problem may be imminent, but we strongly advise against it. DIY practices fail to stress the risks that come with rat control practices. Besides, users of these practices fail to grasp the seriousness of an issue like rat infestation when they see that DIY solutions are doable.

 Our 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Rats Specialist advises that the majority of the people that decide to do a DIY Rat Control project don't do it as thoroughly as a professional Clayton Rat Exterminator would. As a result, it almost always becomes a case of cheap becoming expensive.

 The primary advice from our Rat ControlClayton Rat Control Treatment Treatments and Removal Service is that an amateur shouldn't undertake such an endeavour. Our team comprises professionally trained and certified professionals who have been equipped with top-notch equipment to solve your every need.

 Our team is well equipped to handle infestations at whatever stage they are in. A phone call will get your space assessed, a diagnosis is given, and exterminators coming to you in a matter of 48-hours. Call us today!