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Youngs Pest Control Flea Treatments in Calderbook

At Youngs Pest Control, we understand the difficulty of dealing with flea infestations. That's why we're here to help. WeFlea Treatment offer personalized pest control solutions for homes and businesses in the area. Our experienced technicians are committed to using safe and effective methods to eliminate fleas. We are a part of the National Pest Technician Association (NPTA) and have been in the industry for over 15 years, so all our work is of the highest standard.

We at Youngs Pest Control are a local family-run business that strives to keep properties free of fleas for you and your family. Our technicians are experts in the field, so if fleas have taken over, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Some of the services we offer include :

  • Flea eradication 
  • Inspections 
  • Treatments
  • Follow up services 
  • Prevention Tips

Flea infestations are a common problem for pet owners, and they can be frustrating to deal with. Fleas can quickly multiply and spread throughout your home, causing discomfort and potential health issues for both you and your furry friends. If you're struggling with a flea infestation in Calderbrook or the surrounding areas, it's time to call in the professionals. Youngs Pest Control offers effective and reliable flea treatments to help you get rid of these pesky parasites once and for all. In this post, we'll discuss the benefits of using professional flea treatment and how Youngs Pest Control can help you keep your home and pets flea-free.

Reasons why flea eradication is essential:

Flea infestations can cause health risks and skin infections. They reproduce fast - a female flea can lay 50 eggs per day. It can become an extensive infestation within weeks if flea treatment methods aren't implemented by our technicians immediately. Additionally, typhus and cat scratch fever are diseases that fleas can spread. The issue at hand is common and needs to be addressed urgently. Fleas can make the skin itchy and aggravate it. Scratching can also cause skin infections. Moreover, flea saliva can cause flea-allergic dermatitis in certain pets, which can lead to severe itching, hair loss, and skin infections.

Never attempt DIY flea treatments, as they can backfire:

Ineffective treatments can lead to a prolonged infestation, which could turn out to be more costly than hiring a professional flea exterminator from Youngs Pest Control. Using DIY methods for flea control can be detrimental to health due to the use of chemicals that can cause harm to humans and pets if not used properly. These chemicals can lead to skin irritation, respiratory problems, eye damage, and other serious health issues if overexposed to them.

Basically, certain flea control products meant for use by individuals may contain dangerous components that harm the ecosystem if not handled or discarded correctly. The misuse of chemicals or pesticides can contaminate the water and soil, disrupting the local ecosystem. It is advised to get in touch with a reputable pest control business like Youngs Pest Control in Calderbrook to avoid utilizing unsafe flea removal techniques and endangering your safety. 

What you can expect during our flea eradication process:

Our experts will inspect your home thoroughly for any potential areas where fleas may be hiding during the flea treatment. Then, we will use insecticides to treat these areas, such as floors, carpets, furniture, and soft furnishings. These insecticides are formulated to kill adult fleas, their larvae and eggs to completely get rid of the infestation.

It is important to keep monitoring your home for any signs of fleas or re-infestation even after the treatment is completed. While some fleas may still be present immediately after the treatment due to their life cycle stages (such as pupae), they should eventually die off within a few weeks. If you have pets, make sure they receive regular preventative flea treatments to avoid future infestations. With proper care, you can enjoy a flea-free home once again!

Post-treatment care

After a professional flea treatment, it is essential to take certain steps to prevent the recurrence of these pests. Youngs Pest Control recommends taking measures such as thoroughly vacuuming or sweeping your home's floors and furniture at least 14 days after treatment. This step helps remove any fleas, eggs, or larvae that may have survived the initial extermination process. Be sure not to do this before the 14-day waiting period is over, as you may wipe away all the insecticide.

All bedding, clothing, and fabrics should be washed in hot water above 95°F (35°C) and dried on high heat settings to kill off any lingering fleas or eggs. Your pets also need to undergo proper treatments through consultation with a veterinarian for effective flea control. Flea removal from pets can involve using topical flea treatments, oral medications, or even fitting them with a flea collar, as advised by your vet.

Flea TreatmentIt is crucial to monitor your property for signs of recurring fleas after undergoing professional treatment. Keep an eye out for any indications of excessive scratching by your pet. If you detect such activities, contact your pest control expert immediately for follow-up treatments before the problem lingers and worsens.

Taking immediate action against fleas is critical when dealing with an infestation. Don't risk ineffective treatments or dangerous home remedies – hire our professionals who are trained in pest management techniques for peace of mind knowing your home will be free from fleas. With proper guidance coupled with expert advice from our team at Youngs Pest Control in Calderbrook, you can rest assured your home will be flea-free. We ensure complete eradication of any current flea infestation while offering advice on prevention against future occurrences through regular check-ups!


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