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Professional Bury Rat Control

Types of Rats
Brown RatTwo types of rats are usually found living in close proximity to humans. These are the roof rat and the Norwegian rat. Roof rats are smaller, dark brown to black in colour, have tails longer than their body length and tend to seek shelter in roofs and attics of buildings. Norwegian rats are lighter in colour, have tails shorter than their body length and are much larger than roof rats. They typically live in burrows in the ground and enter buildings at night in search of food.

Carriers of disease
Rats and other rodents are known to be carriers of the disease. Bubonic plague (the infamous Black Death of the Middle Ages) is spread by fleas from infected rats. Rat-bite fever can be transmitted by the bite of a rat or through food or water containing rat droppings or urine. Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis), Salmonella and Murine Typhus are other diseases that are commonly spread by rats.

Destruction of property
Rats will chew and destroy almost anything that they can get their teeth into. This can include electrical wiring which can lead to electrical shorts and fires. Plastic water pipes roof rafters and insulation are also no match for their teeth.

Signs of Bury rat infestation
The typical signs of Bury rat infestation are fairly easy to spot. The presence of droppings and urine, usually in the areas in which the rats feed is a good indication, as well as the pungent smell produced by the urine and droppings. Grease marks, in certain spots, caused by the oils in the rat's fur as they run along sideboards can also be an indication of an infestation. One will also hear unusual sounds in the roof such as squeaking and gnawing, as the rats chew on rafters, insulation and cables.

ratGet rid of rats
Bury rat control is not as simple as it may seem. To achieve an optimal result, rat removal is best undertaken by experts with a proven track record of rodent pest control treatment. With many years of experience, Young’s pest control can advise on the best pest control treatment to get rid of rats on your commercial or residential property. Servicing the Greater Manchester area, including Warrington, Cheshire and Liverpool, our pest control treatments and experience also extend to the removal of other well-known pests such as mice, birds, bees, wasps, cockroaches, ants and fleas.