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Professional Ramsbottom Rat Control

ratWhy use Pest Control Treatment
Pest control treatment becomes necessary when animals or insects live and build their nests close to humans and pose a threat to human health or property. A beehive in the fireplace of a bedroom, a wasp nest at the side of the patio or a Ramsbottom rat infestation in the kitchen are such situations.

Why call a Professional Pest Control Service
Bringing in a professional pest control service to carry out pest control treatment such as to get rid of rats is a vital step towards achieving lasting removal that is safe for all, humane to the animal and cost-effective. Professional services can assess, identify the pest and select the best treatment which may include several methods.

Why Get Rid of Rats
Brown RatRats in the home is a health hazard and therefore Ramsbottom rat control is essential. Rats are able to carry bacteria and viruses harmful to humans in their blood. Also, they can carry fleas which can transfer harmful bacteria to humans. Diseases spread by rats include Weil’s disease, a form of a bacterial infection called leptospirosis, which has flu-like symptoms initially and can lead to liver and kidney failure, Q fever, an infectious disease similar to Legionella. Infection can occur by contact with or a scratch from an infected rat, alive or dead, eating or drinking food or water contaminated with rat feces, direct contact with their urine or droppings and breathing in dust from their nests.

Besides the threat to health rats damage property because they urinate to both communicate and mark their territory and they chew furniture and electrical cables which could lead to a house fire. The financial cost of soiled and damaged goods has been reported at over £11billion annually.

Why it is Easy to have a Ramsbottom Rat Infestation
The brown rat is the major rat in the UK with estimated numbers between 15 and 80 million. They are smart, nocturnal, sociable, good swimmers and live burrows and sewers. Damp environments are ideal. They thrive in towns because of the easy availability of food, water and shelter. This helps them to reach their upper size limits. Brown rats can breed all year round with up to 5 litters a year. Pregnancy is 21 days with litters of up to 14 and sexual maturity early at 5 weeks. So with such a growth rate Ramsbottom rat control is increasingly important.