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Smithy Green Wasp Nest RemovalMany homeowners put money aside for things like broken boilers or white goods that may break, but what a lot of people do not realise is how common pests are in the UK. Several different pests can infest your home including bedbugs, ants, bumblebees, honey bees, fleas, wasps, mice and rats. Unfortunately, many people believe they can get rid of the problem themselves, but it is vital to call a professional pest control company like Smithy Green Pest Control to ensure the problem is dealt with properly and permanently. Certain procedures like Wasp Nest Removal Treatment can be incredibly dangerous if you were to try them yourselves, and you risk injury from either the pest or the insecticides. 

Why should I call in a professional company? 

 If you call a company like ours for pest control procedures like Mice & Rat Control, we will have the right personal protective equipment to ensure we do not get injured. Many pests can bit when threatened. We are also highly skilled in the insecticides we use. You might think if you buy a pest control insecticide over the counter that it is not that dangerous, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Best leave it to the professionals like Smithy Green Pest Control and we can administer the insecticide safely and tell you precisely when it is safe to enter your home again.

 Trained professionals will also have a wide variety of knowledge about the species of pest. For example, if you are doing a Wasp Smithy GreenWasp Nest Removal Nest Removal Treatment you need to identify and kill the Queen to ensure the colony does not return. It's unlikely that the average person would be able to identify the Queen and which species of wasp particularly they are dealing with.

Is professional pest control expensive? 

 You might think that you can carry out something like Mice & Rat Control yourself, but the chances are all you will do is anger the pest and only remove it for a short period. Calling in a professional company like ours means we can get rid of the pest permanently, which saves you from continuously buying different home treatments. We can also provide you with aftercare tips to ensure that the pest does not return in the future. in addition to that, we can help you assess how the pest got into the home in the first place and we can also help you to identify if the pest has caused any structural damage.

Which types of pests could I encounter in the UK? 

 A lot of people seems to think that pests are only something experienced in other countries, but several pests in the UK could damage your property or hurt you:

 Bed bugs 

Smithy Green Bedbugs treatment Bedbugs bite, so they can cause itching and skin irritation. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to just wash your sheets, they need to be removed professionally to ensure they are completely gone. 


 Ants also nest in a colony so it is important Smithy Green Ant Controlto identify the species like it is with bees and wasps. Certain types of ant bite and cause itching and skin irritation, and possibly even an allergic reaction.


Smithy Green Bumble Bee removal Some bees are a protected species, so you must call in a professional to remove a nest, as they will know whether they are allowed to kill the bees or if they need to remove them more humanely.

 Honey bees 

 Honey bees also have different species, so Smithy Green Honey bee Nest Removalagain it is important to know which species you are trying to remove. 


 Many vets will confirm that fleas are now becoming resistant to over the counter solutions. 


Smithy Green Wasp Nest Reomval Wasps can be very aggressive so it is never advised to remove them yourself, as they can sting and cause an allergic reaction. 


 Mice & rats 

 Mice and rats both carry diseases, so it is Smithy Green Mice & rat controlnot advised to try removal yourself and risk being bitten. 

We cover all pests in Smithy Green. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

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