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Do you want to know the truth about rats? Rats are social creatures that live in large groups. Each groupNorley Professional Pest Control Rats   consists of five to ten females, and their young are often referred to as a colony. Rat colonies are matriarchal in nature, meaning the females dominate the males. The queen rat is the mother of all her children, and she's usually well taken care of by the other female rats who take turns nursing her babies when they're born. The males will leave the colony at puberty and join another colony. They'll either mate with another or battle for power within that colony.

Rat populations grow quickly due to many factors:


  • After just ten weeks, they start having babies (rather than the two years it takes humans to reproduce).
  • Each female can have up to seven litters per year with six or more babies in a litter.

It's understandable why an infestation could happen quickly. However, Norley rat exterminators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help you exterminate your rat problem fast.

Rats aren't only dangerous; they are embarrassing as well.

Norley Professional Pest Control RatsIf you have a rat infestation, it can be an embarrassing encounter if friends and family come over. Imagine having rats running around while friends are over for dinner. Rats are dirty animals that can spread germs and diseases. Additionally, they may cause physical damage to your property. Therefore, if you have a rat problem, it's vital to take action quickly and get a Norley rat catcher near me.

Rats are common in Norley and can be found in many environments, including your home. Rats are often found near the following places: trash cans, pet food dishes, compost piles, or other areas that offer them food sources. Therefore, it is important to take steps to get rid of these pests.

Norley has a wide selection of rats living in the wild. Rats are not very imposing animals because they are small-sized with characteristics that make it easy for them to get around undetected by humans. Rats eat insects, grubs, roots, vegetables, fruits, grains, and seafood. 

Rats live in groups and work together to capture prey and protect themselves from predators. Unfortunately, these rats are also known to chew on fruits and vegetables, which can be very damaging for the agricultural sector.

Seventeen species of rats are recognized in the worldNorley Professional Pest Control Rats today. Some of these species include the black rat or ship rat (Rattus rattus). This rat is generally found near ports and docks where food is plentiful. They're often called roof rats due to their tendency to live higher up, like in attics or roofs.

The common brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). This Rattus norvegicus has a grey-brown fur colour with a lighter underbelly. These types of rats are usually found close to humans living in the home environment since they have easier access to food in that setting.

Norway rats are considered to be super rats because they can breed quickly, grow very large and live comfortably in close proximity to humans. This is where Norley rat exterminators are valuable because Norley has had 16+ species of rodents!

Rat poison is a common DIY method used but it isn't always effective. It's important to note that many times when you use rat poison in your home, the rats will not simply leave the premises and go somewhere else to die. This means that not only will you still see dead rats lying around your house or property, but they'll also attract other pests like mice who come to steal food from the corpses of their fellow brethren.

Norley Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service is Cheshire's best rat control company. We offer 24-hour Norley Professional Pest Control Ratsprofessional pest control to eradicate your infestation with rats. You should never use DIY products because they are not successful at getting rid of a rat problem, which can lead you to have an even bigger issue on your hands (rats will reproduce quickly). If you wish to have complete peace of mind knowing your home or business is free from these pesky rodents, contact our Norley rat exterminator professionals today!