Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Ellesmere Port Wasp Nest Removal

Have a wasp problem? Don't rely on online sources for how to deal with a wasp nest that's too close to the home. These techniques might look simple and straightforward on paper, but they are usually much trickier than they sound and have genuine health risks. Many websites and sources recommend not even trying to apply an Ellesmere Port wasp nest removal treatment at home but to call in experts such as Young's Pest Control who have experience in wasp control techniques instead.

wasp-150x150The wasp is a common pest in Britain, and, unfortunately, it may also be one of the most dangerous. Unlike the bee, which is reluctant to sting, the wasp is aggressive and will sting without much encouragement. They can also sting multiple times since their stingers are smooth and do not get stuck in the enemy the way a bee does. Hornets also have painful stings, but the hornet lives alone or in small groups, while the wasp lives in large colonies containing potentially several thousand individuals. In addition, with a greater level of social organization than the hornet, wasps can post sentries outside the nest that guard it against attack.

Wasps also release a pheromone when injured or killed, which triggers other wasps to attack. This ability to trigger a swarm, combined with the large nest size of the wasp and its ability to sting several times, make it a tricky pest to deal with. Dealing with a wasp nest is even harder for people with wasp allergies, who may need hospitalization if stung.

Professional Wasp Removal

Other risks associated with DIY wasp removal are falling. If the nest is high up and requires climbing, applying the Ellesmere Port wasp nest removal treatment, getting stuck in tight spaces or vegetation, scratching and scraping, and accidental exposure to pesticides or insecticides. Most commercial wasp control treatments are sprays or powders that must be used at close range and are easily inhaled by accident, especially in close quarters. This can cause respiratory irritation and other poisoning symptoms.

Rather than risk all of these potential problems, play it safe and call in the pest control experts at Young's.