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Croft Wasp Nest RemovalRegrettably, we all have to face a pest problem at some point in our time. Pests are not welcome in our households. Pests are renowned for reproducing at a shocking rate. This is a reason enough always to seek professional help to control them. DIY pesticides are highly discouraged. Instead, contact Croft pest control services now, and we will be more than happy to solve your problem.

About Us

Croft Pest Control has specialized in the riddance of a wide variety of pests and vermin that impact your home or business premises. Our objective is to solve your pest problem by using the most effective pest control techniques. There is no known pest or vermin that we cannot eradicate. We have many years of experience in pest eradication, which makes us good at what we do. We provide our services across the Croft area and nearby regions. We provide fast services and ensure little disruption to your business. We use insecticides that are safe for kids and your pets. They are effective on even the notorious pests, and you can be sure they will be 100% eliminated.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Wasps are friendly insects if not provoked. Croft Wasp Nest RemovalHowever, they retaliate when they notice a threat to them or their nests by painfully stinging the intruder. In most cases, it is the female wasps that are tasked with securing their nests. Wasps live together in large numbers, and they nest in a location where they are safe from external harm and have ease of access to the outside. Removing wasp nests on your own is risky unless you are not allergic to their stings. Wasp stings can cause overwhelming health impacts to small kids and people with allergies.

At Croft pest control, we eradicate and get rid of a wasp nest quickly and discreetly. We have a wide scope of experience in wasp nest removal treatment. We also have the necessary equipment and clothing to protect ourselves. As a result, you are not exposed Croft Wasp Nest Removal to any harm while eradicating the pests. It takes a few days for the powder used to be completely effective. After that, the nests can be removed. Our wasp nest removal treatments are safe and much more effective as compared to other pest control companies.

Mice & Rat Control

Mice and rats are very stubborn pests, as they can hide almost anywhere, and it takes them very little to survive. Their reproductionCroft mice & rat control rate is high, which means that if they are not controlled at an early stage, you may end up having a disaster on your property. Rats destroy valuable property, affect customer attitude, and portray an image of unhygienic conditions. Therefore, consult professional pest management services like us. We will work hard to make sure that your problem goes away for good.

Our staff are experts in mice & rat control, and they will hand in your pest problem in a professional and friendly manner. However, they will need your information about your Croft Mice & rat controlexperience with the rodents to develop the best solution to the issue. We use options such as traps and bait stations in combination with other pesticides to eradicate the rodents.


  • High level of confidentiality. We have unmarked vans at Croft; thus, you can expect the utmost privacy as we conduct our treatment services. Only the customer will know what we are doing.
  • Swift arrival. We have carefully positioned our crews in a way that they can respond to any infestation at any place in Croft. Once we receive your communication, our team will arrive at your premises in a matter of hours.
  • 24/7 Availability. We are always available to offer our services 24 hours Croft Wasp Nest Removala day for the whole year. Therefore, if you discover an infestation in the middle of the night, you can give us a heads up, and we'll arrive at that very moment.

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Mice Control

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