Not only are ants a pest at picnics but they can also be invasive in gardens, workshops and home structures. In fact some species can actually ruin the foundation of your home by eating out the wood to make them a home in your space! Garden ants even make holes through mortar and brick! Nearly everyone has had to deal with an aunt invasion once in a while. Ant control can be quite a challenge for a renter or home owner. Ant bites can cause discomfort and have been known to cause secondary infections. For the safety of home and family they need to be dealt with.
Have you ever sprayed thoroughly for ant removal and been amazed when they marched back in again? You may even spray under the sink, in window sills and at doors but some incredible way there they are! Well, that may be an inspiration for the military but who needs them in the kitchen or bedroom?
One reason they seem so indomitable is because of the ants’ ability to smell, and avoid the poison you sprayed, allowing them to counter the ant removal attempt by creating a path around the trace smell. The worst news for your aunt removal attempt is that if many of the worker ants die, the queen aunt simply increases her production of worker aunts and even more can come next time. Many times new nests are created in different areas, more deeply buried under ground, to try to protect their territory. In other words, dealing with ant control the wrong way, even garden ants seen outside, can increase your problem.
If you spray a lot of chemicals in the wrong place you can harm other good insects that help the garden and home area. It you do not find the path that leads to the source of invasion, the one which leads to the nest and queen ant, you are bound to have a repeat problem.
The best thing to do is to seek help from professionals to avoid any long term damage to home, garden or your health.

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