Ant Control and Removal Treatments in Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington

Ant Control and Removal Treatments

Ants are found almost everywhere across the world, except at the north and south poles. There are approximately 15,000 different known species of ant currently known. There are likely many more species, and all are adapted for widely varying habitats and climates. All ant species are social animals and can communicate with each other by scents and movements. From a technically standpoint, they all are members of the Super family Formicidea, being of the order Hymenoptera. There are about 47 British species, ranging in territory from Manchester to Liverpool and Warrington to Cheshire. These include the black ant, red ant, argentine ant, pharoahs ant, wood ant, and varieties of carpenter’s ants.

The most feared of the ant family are usually the winged ants which are common in the summer months. This ant is just a normal female ant, which grow wings for what scientist call the nuptial flight. This occurs when the young queens have been fertilised. After fertilisation has taken place the queen removes her wings by biting them off. She then becomes a normal ant again and is ready to build her own nest where she will continue to lay eggs for as long as 15 years. The male ant, on the other hand, usually dies soon after it mates. The next time you’re outside, take a look at the anatomy of an ant. This narrow waist of the ant is called the pedicel and is usually composed of one or two segments depending on the species of ant. The ability to sting is usually present in species that have a double segmented pedicel. Many also have elbowed antennae, meaning there is a bend in the middle of the antennae.

Species can be divided into carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous species. Many species food of choice is honeydew, which they gather by “milking” from Aphids. This substance has a very high sugar content. When the ant finds a source of food it will give off a pheromone or scent trail leading back to the nest. There it will communicate with the other workers by tapping its antennae and giving some of the discovered food to them. This is common to most ant species, including the black ant, red ant, argentine ant, Pharoahs ant, wood ant, and carpenters ants.

These workers, relying on the scent trail and communications with other workers, will be able to locate and make use of the food. This is why when you spill something containing sugar like a sticky soft drink in your kitchen or living room; there is usually a large amount of ant activity there in a very short time. This is why attempts made at ant control by the homeowner usually are not effective, because other ant colonies take the place the killed ants. The best way to get rid of an ant problem quickly is to simply find a pest controller who specializes in ant control. Ant control experts can easily be found in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, and Cheshire.

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