Why You Should Never Treat Nuisance Pests Yourself

Why You Should Never Treat Nuisance Pests Yourself

Pests are a growing issue in the UK, and many people do not realise how harmful it can be to try and treat the problem yourself. Home or ‘DIY’ pest control solutions often become a worse and more expensive problem than they were initially. Hence, it is practical and financially beneficial to call on our professional pest control services. Here are some reasons you should never try to treat nuisance pests yourself.

The chemicals can be dangerous.

 When you get our professional service to come into your home, we know all about the chemicals we use and how we advise you to live around them. Pest control services in the UK are regulated, and laws are prohibiting certain chemicals from being used. Home kits can contain dangerous chemicals. It only takes too much accidentally or not using the product to the exact instructions for something quite nasty to happen. You also do not get the PPE (personal protection equipment) that a good company would have. 

They are ineffective

If you have found a control product on the shelf, the likelihood is that it will not be strong enough to treat the problem. Pests like bees can be incredibly stubborn and hard to get rid of, and the reason people tend not to try this with home products is because the pests get immune to the chemicals. A professional service will constantly upgrade its chemicals depending on its effectiveness.

It can end up more expensive.

 Trying a DIY solution that does not work will leave you more out of pocket than if you had just called a professional company in the first place. Chemicals can be damaging to parts of your home if not used correctly, so you could even end up facing repair charges as well. When the home product turns out to be ineffective, you may be tempted to try different ones and spend more. Our professional service will be effective every time, so spending your money with us makes sense.