What’s Greater Manchester Pest Control?

So what’s pest control here in the Greater Manchester area it may be the wasp nest attached to the side of the house or the scurrying paws back and forth across the floor. Every person at some point has shared a part of their daily life with nuisance pests. In the United Kingdom, the following problems are among the most common:


In the North West, Greater Manchester, the most frequently observed wasp are the Vespula Vulgaris or the Common Wasp, and the Vespula germanica or German wasp. They emerge in the summer months and are usually found in wall cavities, hollow trees, lofts and other sheltered areas.


The most easily recognized species is the Garden Ant, known by the black lines that usually gather around picnic baskets or even indoors on countertops. These ants can be a source of stress because they can make their nests under floorboards and inside house walls for years before successful elimination.


Wild Brown Rat eating seeds and grain

Rats are another group of nuisance pests. The two main types prevalent within the UK are the brown and black rat. They are known for damaging property and contaminating food stores. Due to their ability to adapt to various conditions and their high level of mobility, population control can create havoc for the homeowner.

It is not advised that homeowners should deal with these unwelcome guests alone.

Firstly, these nuisance pests can be damaging to the health of families. For example, wasp stings can induce anaphylactic shock, resulting in an untimely death. Food contamination from ants and rodent droppings can also contribute to hospital visits.

Secondly, experienced pest control services, unlike the untrained eye, will be able to adjust treatment measures based on an expansive knowledge of the pest species and their specific interactions within the environment. Therefore if chemicals must be used, it would less likely be misapplied.

Also, methods used by an experienced pest control service are more cost-effective and less time consuming for the homeowner than repetitive and failing DIY methods.

Your health and home matter. Call the pest control experts nearest you.