Unwanted Winter House Guests


Whilst most of us don’t associate winter with needing pest control, it does bring its hazards.

Many pests such as ratsmice and squirrels will attempt to find food, shelter and warmth as the days get colder and often that means them making their way indoors – to our homes and businesses!

To avoid these pests making themselves at home, there are a few precautions we can take:

Winter-proof your home – look for any cracks or small openings around the exterior of your property.

Temptations – try to keep bins fully closed and at a distance from your property.

Do not leave any food on work surfaces or floors for any length of time – even dried pet food can seem appealing to a hungry pest!

In addition to these pests, we must consider wasps. While the majority of the colony has died off at this time, the queen will be looking for somewhere to hibernate – and if she has chosen your eaves or attic, then guess where her new nest will be built come to Spring? You will soon have an entire-blown colony to deal with. Again, just checking for any entry into the roof area of your home should do the trick.

Squirrels also like to take up residence in attics and roof spaces – and can cause heavy damage due to gnawing. They are also very noisy when in your home! There are many laws surrounding squirrels, both red and grey, so this is one you really must leave to the professionals.

If you have any concerns about winter pests, then get in touch.