Oriental or Common Cockroach

Considered a large cockroach at around 2-3 cm in length.

The Oriental or Common Cockroach is a shiny or glossy body of dark brown to black. The females have tiny wings and the males slightly larger but not really big enough to sustain flight.

Sometimes called a ‘waterbug’ due to their colouring and as they prefer dark, damp conditions and favourite places such as drains, or damp basements or indeed outdoors in damp places.   They have a fair tolerance of cooler temperatures.

Their diet usually consists of decaying organic matter, sewage or our discarded rubbish – they will eat almost anything!

The Oriental or Common cockroach is known for its skills in hiding in dark places and as such are hard to detect as inspection during daylight hours will rarely result in a sighting. They do however leave behind signs of their presence in the form of their egg casings, smears and dead roaches.

The length of time for the eggs to hatch is entirely dependent on the temperature where they are laid and can be as little as 42 days or as long as 81 days. Each batch consisting of up to 18 eggs and the female can produce as many as eight of these batches in her lifetime.

The Oriental or Common Cockroach is difficult to treat as the female can hold eggs back from laying until any residual insecticide has passed.