Furniture Beetle

The Common Furniture Beetle is a wood boring beetle the young of which are considered ‘woodworm’. The adult beetle does not feed at all causing damage by laying eggs into wooden structures and furniture which will then be infested by their young.

The young or ‘larva’ can live, boring through your furniture or wooden structures for three to five years before themselves emerging to breed – most commonly in June or July.

The Common Furniture beetle is the most common species in the UK, measuring 3 to 5mm in length they are oval-shaped and reddish-brown. They are known to fly around in the summer months and like both softwoods and hardwoods, preferring aged wood and moisture.

Signs of this beetle are the general signs of woodworm – small holes in furniture or beams, tiny piles of sawdust and perhaps the woodworm (small, white, worm-like) themselves.