Miner Bee

Miner or Mining, or Digger bees are solitary bees that do not create colonies. Instead, they live separately, digging holes in the ground for their nest to raise their own young. However, they do tend to live close to one another, so there may appear to be groups of them. They may even share some resources.

They look very much like honey bees but are smaller in size, distinguished mainly by their buzzing around at ground level.

Miner bees are not aggressive but can sting if defending their nest. Unlike other stinging bees through their sting is said not to be very painful. If you think you have them on your lawn or garden, then wearing shoes is advisable as you will likely be stung if you tread on them.

They are very beneficial to your garden as they are efficient pollinators, and even the digging they do to create their tiny nests can be good for the garden and lawn.