The Humble Bumble Bee

Bumblebees can be pretty worrisome for any home or business owner faced with their innocent intrusion. These insects are easily confused with wasps due to the similarly bright colours displayed on their bodies. However, like most bees, the bumblebee body is not only more petite but furry.

More about the Bumblebee

  • There are twenty-four known types of bumblebees native to the UK.Bumble Bee
  • They hibernate in early autumn and emerge in early spring.
  • If they are in a place that may be dangerous to your loved ones, professional services ought to be called upon for careful bumble bee nest removal.
  • The bumblebee and its nest structure are different from the honeybee. Handling is different for both and best done professionally.
  • They nest in underground locations mostly but are fond of bird boxes and animal burrows, and decking.
  • The bumblebee is a vital pollinator for many different species of plants. This is why attempts should not be made to harm these creatures.
  • They are not aggressive but will repeatedly sting if threatened; this is another reason why bumblebee control must not be attempted by novices but by professional pest control services such as Young’s Pest Control.

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