Rabbit Proof Fencing

Rabbit proof fencing aids in the prevention of rabbit damage to crops and gardens. When it is installed in compliance to specifications, it works as a valid rabbit control device. When seeking out rabbit proof fencing, one should consult a company with experience and knowledge with rabbits and rabbit control.

Many companies simply do not understand rabbits. Rabbits are willing to burrow under fencing, chew through it if they can, and even climb fencing. Many supposed rabbit proof materials are simply not rabbit proof. They are either buried too shallow, not high enough, or not durable enough to prevent rabbit damage.
The use of high quality materials will ensure prevention of rabbit infiltration. Each job is individually assessed. This ensures that the correct means and materials are used for rabbit proofing against adult and young rabbits. Heavy duty netting material is installed at the optimum depth. This material is typically 4 gauge or higher. It is then fitted with gates (if they are needed), and sturdy posts to ensure full protection.
In many cases, the rabbit proofing can be installed over an existing fence. Whether the fence is needed in Liverpool, Manchester, or Cheshire, call rabbit fencing specialists for a full assessment. In many areas outside of the city centres of Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire special rabbit ploughs can be utilized to speed up the installation of the fence.
No matter what the needs of the individual, trained rabbit professionals can advise as to the best products and materials to prevent any further rabbit damage. Do not worry any longer about rabbit issues, let the specialists come and secure your perimeters. Staff members will be more than happy to discuss all the options available, as well as costs for the fencing and installation. Stop fretting and call today for your professional advisement.