Rabbit Drop Boxes

Rabbit drop boxes are traps set up to improve rabbit-proof fencing. Gardens surrounded by chain links or various types of panel fencing can also benefit by installing these traps capable of capturing young wild rabbitmultiple live games. In areas saturated by rabbit breeders such as Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, or Warrington, the significant rabbit popularity makes rabbit control a must. We cover Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool and Cheshire.

Having only rabbit-proof fencing does not usually work as rabbit control for those that have decided on reaching their favourite garden. Without the use of rabbit drop boxes, these determined creatures will find a way through. They can chew the fence, attempt to go over it, or dig their path underneath. This is especially true if the wall was not set up with the proper guidelines in high rabbit breeding areas like Manchester or Warrington.

Drop boxes perform best when installed near areas of high rabbit frequency in which rabbits have resisted other attempts to relocate them. Using these traps in high quantities can allow the thousands of these creatures roaming about Liverpool or Cheshire to be apprehended before any damage is done. 

Rabbits can easily pass through the fence using a tunnel which is located directly above the holding cellar. They will notice the path and attempt to use it, leaving the wall alone. This reduces fence damage and therefore increases its longevity. The trap can then catch anywhere from one to fifty rabbits in one sitting than to its trap door schematic. Easy to use and efficient, it also has the advantage of not harming most other animals.

Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool and Cheshire