Many effective methods can be employed for rabbit control. Many implicate the use of high powered lamps. Once it is determined that rabbits are a problem, the situation is assessed to determine the best rabbit control method to use. As a facet of the pest control industry, every effort is made to utilize the best equipment available for the task at hand. This will ensure complete customer satisfaction and a job done quickly and effectively. Lamping is one such method that can be performed at any time of the year, depending on the extermination area. In one rabbit lamping technique, a shotgun is sound modified. This allows the maximum number of pests to be removed with a minor level of disturbance to people and other animals. Sound moderated shotguns also do not damage the ground's surface, and more remote areas can be more effectively reached. This form of lamping can yield more than 100 rabbits a night. Air rifle lamping is the ideal option for rabbit lamping when noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. Lamping with dogs can also deal with a rabbit problem quickly, quietly, and effectively. The dogs pinpoint and catch the rabbits and bring them back to the human operator for quick disposal. Lamping with dogs can rid a property of over a hundred rabbits per night. Fox lamping can also prove to free a large population of rabbits quickly. This is because, in fox lamping, the rabbits are disposed of by their natural predators.