An artificial badger sett needs to incorporate all the characteristics of the natural sett it is replacing. Badger setts in the wild differ significantly in size - ranging from elaborate sets with multiple entrances to smaller setts with only a couple of doors. When constructing an artificial sett intended for relocation purposes, the size of the original natural sett needs to be taken into consideration. Whatever the size of the set, it will need to have a basic tunnel system and nesting chambers. Leaving some partially completed tunnels in the design will encourage the badgers to continue expanding the set. Tunnels are usually constructed from large-diameter plastic piping, although clay and concrete can also be utilized.
 Providing adequate drainage is vital. This is best accomplished by making sure tunnels slope away from nesting chambers. Nesting chambers need to have several exit tunnels. The artificial badger sett will need to be located in a wooded or shrubby area in an established badger foraging area to encourage relocation by the badgers. It may require the added enticement of a spoil heap left outside the entrances to lure the badgers into occupying the new sett. Construction of an artificial sett should always precede proofing of an established set by at least six months so that the Badgers have time to familiarize themselves with the new sett.
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