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Residential Pest Control

As a householder, it is highly distressing to find that your property suffers from a pest infestation of any kind. Our comfortable, centrally heated houses often become havens to a host of pests from rodents to insects, and it can be tough to eradicate the problem. Tackling an infestation by yourself is never a good idea as over the counter products can be ineffective and expensive. A professional residential pest control service can help you to solve the problem and prevent re-infestation from occurring.

If you have found pests infesting your home, you may be concerned about damage to the structure of the building or your personal property; however, there can also be hazardous consequences to your health. Bites and stings from insects or diseases spread by rodents and bird excrement can have unpleasant effects on human occupants.

Our Residential Pest Control experts can easily be contacted and visit you in your home to investigate and advise on your problem. We can identify the type of pest you are suffering from and put forward solutions to the situation. As well as ridding your home of infestations, we can repair damage caused to your property and clean up any mess left behind. We can also offer advice on how to ensure that your home remains pest-free in the future.

Our Residential Pest Control service is friendly and professional, and we offer a personal touch when dealing with customers. We also aim to make our rates as competitive as possible to be sure that you are getting a great deal and a top-quality pest eradication service.

We can help get rid of a whole spectrum of unwanted pests, from insects such as ants, flies and beetles to parasites like bedbugs and fleas. We can help get rid of stinging insects such as bees and wasps and rodents like rats and mice. We can even help to eradicate pests from your gardens and outdoor areas. Squirrels, moles and foxes are just some of the unwanted visitors that we can help remove from your home, and we can assist with bird proofing your loft spaces and outbuildings. Some species, unfortunately, cannot be legally removed from properties. Bats, for example, have their nesting sites protected by UK law and therefore cannot be removed.