ULV fumigation (Ultra-low volume fumigation:)

ULV fumigationAt a cost effective price, we provide a highly effective ULV (ultra-low volume) treatment. While pertaining to the world health organization standards, we strive to ensure that our customers live without the hassle of insect infestation. We cater to control the flying and crawling insects in any customer's environment whether it be office, home or store. Manchester Pest Control is your go-to place for outstanding pest control services.

Advantages of ULV treatments are the following:

  • Excellent penetration due to insecticide droplets naturally flow into unreachable crevices, nooks and crannies
  • ULV treatments flush insects out during the treatment so as to increase chances of the insect making contact with the insecticide
  • Compared to alternative methods, ULV is time-convenient. A room can be treated in ten seconds and used after one hour!
  • Alternatively, a great method for treating modes of public transport. Complimentary of a transport service's fast turn-around time.
  • Hires from the best pest control services applying this method is a recipe for great results at an even better cost.

Are all pest control treatments not the same? - You may conveniently wonder as you peruse through the page. Fortunately, the short answer is that, they are not. This is due to scale, odor and conventional fumigation methods. As well as great products.

Scale: The droplets when using ULV are much smaller compared to their conventional counter-parts, granting easier access to every nook and cranny on the area being fumigated. ULV fumigation has a larger surface area covered, this effectively maximizes efficiency without taking away from the products ability to reach tight spaces.

Odor: Often it is easy to find that fumigation carries a heavy scent behind it. The smell of insecticides is often uncomfortable to inhale and quite frankly, dangerous to be around for long times.

Fumigation: This odor is often accompanied by conventional fumigation yet, the ULV method caries neither the odor, nor the ineffective method of fumigating. No need to have concerns for unpleasant deposits of insecticide randomly strewn across ineffectively fumigated areas.

So here is what we REALLY offer you. (disclaimer, you will like it)

  • We provide both sanitizing and insecticide products that fall under the ULV category, making them useful in an array of situations and emergencies.
  • Service that is discrete and convenient. If everyone and their dog knew your business or home had to be fumigated, we would not have done our jobs. It happens, it is also perfectly natural that pests and insects can infect households and businesses yet, we understand that nobody wants
  • Special steps towards being discrete are used, from using "out of hours" timings to execute on our ULV fumigation or providing other forms of our pest control services at times that do not clash with work schedules.
  • We do not advertise on our vehicles when going to places we know we will be cleaning and the request is specifically made. Unmarked white vans are our mode of the vehicle, often times without adding call-out charges and completing the task within 24 hours. We work seven days a week including bank holidays if that needs to be the case.
  • A deep and sincere love for our products in ULV fumigation. We believe in our products' ability to deliver the results you want and need!

The next time you have any problems in your household, shipping containers, aircraft, busses, trains, food processing areas, animal husbandry areas, private homes, warehouses, food processing areas, hospitals, municipal buildings, community centres, offices, hotels, farms, and cinemas give us a call. You would be surprised how much time and effort you will save yourself by getting a quote from us, inevitably deciding to hire us due to the quality of service and convenience we provide.

Before getting your hands dirty with work you do not want to do, call us and get your quote. It could be the three days of work you save yourself in order to get a decent night of sleep, away from the creepy crawlies we so effectively handle within 24 hours!