Pest Control for Pubs

Pest Control for Pubs

local pub It is every pub owner’s nightmare, the knowledge of vermin leaking out to the press or other media but it is still extremely common. It affects everyone who earns their business from the pub, whether landlord or landlady, cook, waiter or whoever. Pest control for pubs must be a top priority or you won’t have a public house for very long.

Pest Control & Food
After all, if you run a business and especially if you work around food, it is vital for you to have adequate pest controls. It seems obvious why pest control for pubs is necessary, many of the fixtures and fixtures date back centuries and provide and damp and dark area for various insects and rodents to set up home. The strongest areas for infestations tend to be in the cellars and the attics, but there may be spare rooms, cupboards, outbuildings or even areas in the main pub itself where vermin might be found. Although the kitchen is specifically a dangerous zone, the infestation may come from anywhere in the pub.

Reputation at risk
Your reputation can be seriously damaged as a food establishment if evidence of a vermin problem is made public. It is vital that a pest controller makes regular visits and also responds rapidly to your problem, that is they give a 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

With a busy public or pub restaurant, closure affects sales. So it is important for the problem as fixed as soon as possible by a professional and you regain your food hygiene standards. So 24-hour service, call-up day or night ensures the smooth running of the premises and makes peace of mind so much easier for you. Many pest controllers have an online analysis tool to give you a better idea of what action is being taken and how standards are being maintained. It is important for the state of your business that you chose a pest controller with an aftercare service. You don’t want the problem to flare up again and have no one notice.

barIt is vital to have a pest controller who gives you advice which is not only up-to-date but also relevant to your circumstances. Any treatment must comply with food safety regulations and COSHH regulations-Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.

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