Why are we the best choice for Pest Control?
Every single one of our technicians is trained to the standard of NPTA. This means that they passed the National Pest Control Associations' very strict exams, meaning you get the best service you can get out of any pest company. We also respond very fast, in under 24 hours and we visit the school at times that suit your school schedule. We also run a 24-hour service so you can call us when you need us.

Tailor-made pest control contracts for schools
We offer contracts to every school that allow issues to be dealt with before they get harmful to the school. We keep your school's reputation to a high standard, allowing your kids to be safe along with that. To us, your kids are the main priority and keeping them happy is very important.

Youngs, and only Youngs, offer contracts where we go through basic public health tests that cover rats, mice, and cockroaches. Also, we give out a 20% discount for the pests that aren't covered in your contract, which is very generous. Finally, we offer warranties that cover all the pains, including moles, flies, and flies, to make it easier.

All the Pests we service for
We provide for all the pests you are likely to find inside a school in the UK. Here are all the pests we provide services for; ants, bed bugs, bees, birds of prey, bird and pigeon proofing, cockroaches, fleas, flies, foxes, hornets, ladybugs, mice, mites, moles, moths, proofing for rats, mice and squirrels, rabbits, rats, rat problems and sewers, spiders, squirrels, wasps, woodlice and woodworms.

As you can see, we offer pretty much everything you would need to treat in your school. We provide pest removal services and a 24-hour service to help your needs that further step. Whether it be a small infestation, we will provide pest control services for that particular pest.