Rats in the Winter Months

Homes throughout Manchester are all too familiar with the problems that winter brings, especially where rodents are concerned. The plummeting temperatures cause rats and mice to seek shelter in warmer areas usually found inside homes. The often annoying scratching noises they make as they run through the roof are the least of the vermin’s problems. However, as they settle down inside homes, they cause significant damage to the electrical wiring and any soft area of the roof or walls, among other issues. The Sun reported that as many as 120 million vermin swarm into U.K. homes during the winter months.

What damage do they do to homes?

One of the significant concerns with and infestation is just how much they eat. A rat needs to eat up to 25 times a day, which they can only find from inside homes during winter. As a result, rodents can consume as much as 50 kilograms in their lifetime. In addition, electrical wiring is often chewed on to keep their teeth sharp, leading to damage that usually requires an electrician to rectify. Thermal insulation is another concern as the vermin gnaw through it, leaving homes vulnerable to cold outside conditions.

Another problem is the smell they produce as their droppings accumulate. All of the problems they bring ultimately spell financial concerns as the damage becomes worse. The best early solution is usually to employ a pest control service.

Signs of an infestation

Several signs can make one aware of a possible infestation in your home. Firstly, you may find droppings that look like dark grains of rice around your home. Footprints can also be a telling sign, and a trick to discover them is to sprinkle flour in the area you suspect they move around in. Then, check the site the next day to see possible footprints. You may also find rub marks along the skirting in your home as the creatures are dirty, and due to their poor eyesight, they often leave their grime behind as they move around. A strong smell of urine can be an indication of an infestation too. The smell will usually become worse over time. Finally, piles of shredded materials mark their nests. They can generally be found in crevices such as behind the fridge or under floorboards.

What can you do as a homeowner?

Setting traps and poisoning the creatures that invade the home is usually not the best solution to the problem. It is hard to get to all the areas they make their shelter in, and the damage can continue even after DIY attempts to solve the problem as many mice and rats can be left to roam free. Professional pest control services are the best defence for your home against invaders.