Professional Ant Infestation Removal in Manchester

What causes an ant infestation?

Black antAn ant infestation are common pests and cause problems with their resourcefulness and sheer numbers. An infestation can be caused very quickly by a single ant locating a food source in your home or premises. This ant then leaves a trail of pheromones, attracting other ants to the source. Once ants have found a food source, they will keep coming back.

Ant infestations in hospital and catering settings.

There are two main species which cause infestations in the Manchester: the pharaoh ant and the garden ant. The pharaoh ant is the bigger concern in hospitals and catering establishments, as it needs a protein rich diet. This attracts the ants to blood, organic spillages and medical waste in hospitals, and to protein-rich food sources in catering environments. The infestations are a contamination risk and health hazard and should be removed as quickly as possible. Young’s Pest Control can provide trained professionals to medical and catering settings in the Manchester area to ensure the ant infestations are removed quickly and successfully, protecting the health of staff, patients and customers.

Domestic ant infestations

Domestic ant infestations can be caused by the pharaoh ants mentioned above, or by garden ants. Garden ants have a diet consisting of sweet substances. This can become a further problem as they can get this nourishment from the ‘honeydew’ excreted from aphids such as greenfly. This protects the aphids from predators, and so an ant infestation can also cause issues with a growing aphid population.

What about flying ants?

Flying ant infestations occur at breeding time, as the new queens leave the nest to form new colonies. The flying ants are larger and can bite. New nesting sites are often created in sheltered areas of homes, such as cavities and under floors.

How do I get rid of an ant infestation?

Two black antsMany people attempt to remove infestations with off-the-shelf products, however these are often ineffective due to the inexperience of the users. The entire nest needs to be removed in order to prevent the colony returning.

Young’s Pest Control has a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide the appropriate treatment for each case. We are able to properly deploy pest-control substances to responsibly and effectively remove ant infestations in domestic and commercial settings.