Professional Ant Control Makes Sense

Young’s Pest Control provides professional solutions to get rid of those pesky ant problems safely and speedily. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of pest control experts is available 24/7 to assist you in ensuring the health and safety of your family and pets.

Protecting your Environment from Ant Problems

At Young’s Pest Control, we understand that an ant infestation can be an irritatingly disturbing sight, and having themant control eradicated can sometimes be complicated. This is why we utilize state-of-the-art techniques in pest control and insect eradication. There are intricate aspects of ant behaviour that we consider when embarking on any form of pest control. These are:

• Entry Point: When foraging, ants are good at navigating their way to your pantry, storeroom or kitchen through the tiniest of cracks.

• The use of scent trails: To aid in proper navigation for the rest of the colony, ants are known to leave trails containing pheromones invincible to the human eye.

• Nesting locations: The location of their nests might not necessarily be within the building – as they can set up their nests anywhere within or around your vicinity.

• Colony size: An ant’s colony can number as many as 10000 ants. The entire colony can quickly relocate when it feels threatened.

An attempt at eradicating an ant infestation on your own would turn out to be frustratingly futile. This is why it is essential to have proper analysis and eradication done by Young’s Pest Control professionals.

Types of Ant Problems

There are numerous ant species, but those that are most common in the UK include:

• Garden Ants: Their nests are usually located in the soil but can also be found beneath barks and in brickwork. TheAnt Control queen can grow to as much as 15mm, and she usually lays her eggs in the spring. When garden ants locate food, they are known to leave pheromone trails from the food source back to their nesting ground.

• The Ghost, Pharaoh and Argentine Ant: This ant species need a steady form of artificial heat to survive and reproduce. They can be located in areas with blocks of flats, hospitals and hotels. Their diet primarily consists of decomposing food items. They tend to carry germs on them, making them harmful to humans.

• Red Fire Ants: These flying ants are reddish-brown in appearance and live in large colonies, which are built-in sunny open areas. They pack an excruciating sting, and having these flying ants infest an area could be an annoying sight.

Professional Ant Control

At Young’s Pest Control, you are assured of getting an expert pest control service that utilizes the latest techniques in pest control. We offer a cost-efficient and professional approach to keeping you free from pests.