Pest Control in the Winter Months

While many people would assume that pest control in the winter months would be easier, they could not be more wrong. It might be challenging to spot them outdoors, but that does not mean they have ceased to exist altogether. In a quest for survival, many of these pests seek to find the warmest habitable places they can find, which usually happen to be people’s homes.

This means if you had any pest problems during the warmer seasons, the chances of the situation getting worse are pretty high. Unfortunately, this problem can only be handled by employing professional pest control services at Young’s Pest Control.

Our competent team of experts and technicians can quickly assess the extent of the infestation in your home or premises. Then, they can quickly provide solutions to ensure that the pest problem is eliminated.


Mice and Rats are usually the more notorious of the bunch. They can be a hell of a nuisance for two main reasons.

  • Given that they spend much time in the attic and within cupboards and other furniture, they mess up the place with faecal matter and urine, which could end up being a breeding ground for bacteria that could end up infecting you and your family with diseases.
  • They also cause plenty of destruction to stored food and chewing through walls and wiring, which could cost you lots of money to replace.

We at Young’s Pest Control know the behavioural patterns of these creatures and will be able to eliminate the problem. Rats, mice and other rodents might be challenging to eliminate using home remedies. However, they would be no match to our experts.


Pest control in the winter months when dealing with insects can be a daunting task that will require one to employ some professional pest control expertise to handle the problem. This is especially true for cockroaches and black ants, which can invade colonies.

  • Cockroaches are drawn to the warm places in the household where they hide in the damp, dark crevices. These places usually harbour bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. They, therefore, play a part in spreading diseases.
  • Black ants usually make their way into houses during the winter months in search of warmth. They move in colonies which end up chewing through the wood along their path. They do create pathways to places in the house they can find food.

What Young’s Pest Control will do for you is make your house a hostile place to live in for these insects. This will ensure that any insects that live inside the house leave immediately and insects that want to enter the house are successfully kept out.

In addition to our highly effective treatments, we also do our best to ensure humane treatment. This, therefore, means that they will not in any way harm human beings or any pets you might have in the house.

To ensure the problem does not arise again during the winter months because of the continued movement of rodents and insects to your house, it is advisable to schedule routine visits with our competent experts who are on call 24/7.

We can all attest that eradicating pests from our homes during winter can prove tiresome. This is why employing the help of an expert will prove effective. Young’s Pest Control remains unmatched in providing such services.