Discovering that pests have invaded your premises can be a distressing and alarming event and it’s tempting to think you can save money by tackling the problem yourself. However, this may not be a good idea.

Although it may seem cheaper and more convenient to deal with the problem yourself, it may end up costing you more, both financially and time-wise.

If the DIY approach fails, it may result in the growth of your pest problem, making it ultimately more expensive to deal with – not to mention the potential damage to your property the nuisance pests can cause before they’re finally disposed of.

On the other hand, a trained exterminator will be able to quickly identify the problem and know how best to treat it. He or she will also able to advise you on how best to prevent any future return infestations by the creatures.

It should always be remembered that the chemicals used in the control of nuisance pests can be harmful to you, your family, pets and plants. A pest control expert will know exactly how and when to use such chemicals, ensuring maximum safety.

Pests are highly adaptable and, with the passage of time, can develop a resistance to certain chemicals. A professional pest control organisation will have up-to-date information on, and access to, the best products for dealing with your problem.

Among the solutions Youngs Pest Control provides are; bee & wasp nest removal, rodent extermination, bird control, woodworm treatment, flea elimination, bedbug eradication, mole removal and general insect control.

All of the above infestations can cause damage to either your health or your property – and sometimes both – as well as having a major nuisance value. Rats and birds can spread disease. Rats, moles and woodworm can seriously damage property. Fleas and bedbugs will make your life a misery – and nobody wants to be stung by wasps and bees.

And that’s why it’s best to take action and get a professional and experienced company in to deal with them as soon as you possibly can.