Mice Love Christmas Too!

On a recent visit to a suspected mouse infestation I discovered something new about mice – they love mincemeat pies!

An older couple had suspicions that there were mice in the house but could not figure out where they were or how they were getting in. From their description of the noises I started my investigation in the kitchen – more specifically in the larder.

Mice infestationIt was obvious to me straight away that the couple were correct. All of the ‘mice in your house’ signs were there:

  • Droppings
  • Gnawed packets
  • Telltale musky odour
  • ‘Tracks’ left by their oily skin

Looking more closely at the damage they had been causing (mostly to items at the back of the cupboard), I discovered several packs of mince pies that the owners had been stocking up on for Christmas. Well, every single pack had been gnawed through and the contents completely eaten!   Oh dear. I believe the reason that these were the main object of the mice’s desire is that a pack had been opened and left for another day – leaving the tantalising sweet, pastry smell lingering for the mice sensitive noses.   There are none left now!

I identified where the mice were entering the larder from outside and blocked the access and then dealt with the problem as we do so many times a day.

I then advised the owners to clean everything in the area, especially any crockery or cook wear, as mice are totally incontinent and will have soiled everything!

Finally I suggested they not keep open food packs in their cupboards, perhaps de-canting items into plastic containers or fully seal able bags.

We did manage to have a laugh over a cup of tea (no biscuit!) at these choosy mice, and discussed where was best locally to re-stock the mice pies!