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Honey Bee SwarmYes, a honey bee swarm will move on its own. This is a natural part of the honey bee life cycle. When a hive becomes too crowded, usually in the spring or early summer, the old queen will leave the hive with a large group of worker bees and cluster together to form a swarm.
The swarm will then find a temporary location, like a tree branch, while scout bees search for a suitable new location for a permanent hive. This could be a hollow tree, a cavity in a building, or other protected space. Once a good location has been found, the entire swarm will move and start building a new hive.
During the swarming process, bees are generally docile, as they have no hive or honey to defend. However, it’s important not to interfere with a swarm. If you find one on your property, it’s usually best to call a local beekeeper or a bee removal service to handle the situation safely.

Please note if the bees have moved into a building or another fixed location, such as a chimney, they might have found their permanent home. Give us a call to discuss this matter further.
swarm of honey bees on tree

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