I have a swarm of honey bees on a bush what can I do?

honey bee removal

Generally, suppose you have a swarm of honey bees gathered on a bush, a wall or somewhere similar. In that case, this is because they are resting or they’re gathering their numbers as they’re looking for a new home. Usually, within a day or a few hours, the Swarm will disappear. However, you could look for a…

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I have wasps coming down my chimney what can I do?

Heaton Moor Honey Bee Control treatment

Usually, you won’t have wasps in the chimney stack. In our experience, it usually’s honeybees. If you do have honey bees in your chimney stack, the main problem you’re going to have is access. You will need to provide scaffolding or a cherry picker to deal with the honey bees safely. If the honey bees…

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