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Questions all about Wasps

As you can imagine, we deal with wasps all through the summer months for a dynamic pest control company like ourselves. Every so often, customers ask us a wide range of questions. So we decided to answer them all in one go or at least try:-

  1. Is our wasp nest dangerous? Wasps can be very dangerous, always best to get professionals to help.
  2. Are wasp’s nests reused? A wasp nest is only ever used once.
  3. Are wasp’s nests empty in winter? Once the workers and queens have left or died, the nest is left open, but caution should be taken, and a professional can remove the nest. 
  4. Are wasp’s nests active at night? Yes, they are all at home.
  5. Are wasp’s nests in the ground? Yes, we do many cases of a wasp nest in the background.
  6. Are wasp’s nests dormant in winter? They’re not static, but the Colony has died.
  7. Can wasp’s nest damage the house? Rarely do they cause damage, but yes, they can.
  8. Can a wasp’s nest inside a house? Yes, a wasp will nest in several locations lofts behind the cladding, in Windows pretty much anywhere it’s safe than to do some.
  9. Do wasp’s nests survive the winter? The Colony dies for the winter because of a lack of food and the weather.
  10. Do wasp’s nest in trees? Yes, they can nest in trees.
  11. Do wasp’s nests go away? Only when the winter arrives.
  12. Do wasp’s nests have a queen? Yes, the Queen starts the nests as she has to lay the eggs at the end of the summer. She will produce new Queens that mate ready for next year.
  13. Do wasp’s nests return? Wasps might return to the same area but will never use an old nest.
  14. Do wasp’s nest decoys work? In my experience, I have never seen a decoy work.
  15. Do wasp’s nests die over winter? Yes.
  16. Do wasp’s nests need to be removed? They don’t have to be removed, but if you have a wasp nest that is easily accessible in the winter months, once the nest is dead, you should hire a professional to remove the nest as other pests such as moths may use the nest.
  17. Wasp’s nest has spiders inside? This is because the old nest was never removed.
  18. Are wasp’s nests dangerous? Yes, they can be very dangerous.
  19. How wasp’s nests are made? Wasps make their nests by chewing up wood from fence panels, sheds and other places where would is.
  20. How to kill a wasp’s nest? You should hire a professional as they can be very dangerous without the correct PPE and knowledge of the chemicals you’re using.
  21. How to find a wasp’s nest? You will usually see wasps entering and leaving the property from a small hole look at areas around the roof and air ven4ts.
  22. What wasp’s nest made of? A wasp nest is made up of wood.


 I hope this helps. If you have any questions about wasps, please feel free to get in touch.

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