Mice? how to stop them entering my property?

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How to stop mice entering my property?

The best thing to do to stop mice entering your property is to close their entry points, what we mean by this is any small hole the size of a pencil a mouse can enter a couple of examples gaps under the doors and windows air bricks, drains, pipes and other service Lines they can pretty much get through any tiny gap.

The first thing you should do is have a walk around the perimeter of your property and look for any small holes usually from your waist down this could be air vents holes around drain pipes going into the property gaps under doors windows once you have made a list off the entry points then you can form a plan of action of how to fill these gaps.

Normally what you will find is air vents or air bricks most houses have these and if you look closely you will be able to get a pencil in between the gaps this means a mouse will be able to enter.

Gaps under your doors
Another popular entry point for mice is the gaps under your doors now this just doesn’t mean your front or back door don’t forget you may have garage doors over time doors wear down and you usually find a small gap at the bottom of the door if you can see daylight through this gap it’s a good idea to invest in a bristle strip.

Door Bristle strips
Bristle strips come in all different shapes and sizes you’re best off giving us a call so we can provide you with a quote or some more information about your different options.

Why are they here?
Once you have filled up the entry points or even before this point you need to try and understand why are the mouse or mice coming into your property this is why it’s always best to get an expert involved as we have the experience and knowledge to understand this better.

If you have more questions about mice or a single Mouse entering your property you will be best off giving us a call as there are 100 possibilities of where mice will be entering your property.