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I have found a wasp nest in your shed?

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wasp nest in shed

In early spring, you might go into your shed and see a small ball similar to a table tennis ball hanging down from the roof. You might be even unlucky enough to see it even bigger.

This is the starting of a wasp nest. Queen wasps wake up from their winter sleep in early spring and start looking to build a nest. Among their favoured locations are sheds, lofts and holes in the ground, but choosing the site is just the start of potential problems for homeowners.

What are the wasp nest made from?

The simple answer is chewed up wood which they get from sheds, gates, trees, windows, roofs, and the list goes on. You may be able to see tiny lines of scratches from where they have been chewing on the wood.

What to do with a wasp nest in your shed?

It is always best to leave the wasp nest alone and call us to deal with it as we have been trained and have the experience to tackle them safely.

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