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I have bats in my loft or attic what can I do?

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I have bats in my loft or attic. What can I do?

Bats are protected in the UK, so pest control companies generally won’t deal with any bat problems. Instead, you are best off contacting the bat conservation trust.

With the natural habitat of bats lost, they can sometimes adapt to attic spaces for their roost.

Bats are not like mice or rats, or other rodents. They do not nibble or gnaw wood or wires or even your loft insulation.

Interestingly, bats in the UK eat insects, so they help control other flying and crawling insects, so think of them as a natural form of pest control.

Bat droppings here in the UK can be very dry, and if you put them between your fingers, they crumble very quickly, sometimes showing insect pieces.

Most bats tend to come into your property seasonally. Therefore, you usually won’t find a bat living in property all year round. However, they will return to the same loft space or other roost area year upon year.

If you’re a builder looking to carry out work on a property, you must understand the law regarding bats. Please contact the Bat Conservation Trust. They will be more than happy to provide you with any information you need. Don’t take the risk. They’re just a simple phone call away. The national bat helpline is 0345 1300 2028

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