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Strange Smells

Unfortunately, some pest control methods lead to hidden bodies that can only be found or not in some cases by their smells. Therefore, the most crucial step is finding the rodent body, but this can be challenging.

Typically rodents die in inaccessible places. Usually, this does not cause any problems, but it starts to decompose and smell in some cases. Unfortunately, this can take 3 weeks or longer for a rat or mouse to decompose.

If it’s down into a cavity wall, you may be able to find an experienced builder to remove it. However, sometimes you’re better off leaving it to decompose as things can get expensive very quick when it comes down to building work.

We have to put together a couple of pointers to help stop or find the dead mouse or rat. 

  1. Locate and remove the carcass. The sooner you can do it, the quicker the smell will be gone but finding it can be challenging. You might want to hire a professional to do this. If you do find the rodent, don’t forget to wear the correct PPE and dispose of the rodents properly once found.
  2. If you’re unable to find the rodents, you’re going to have to ride the smell out. Leaving the heating on will help to decompose the rat or mouse faster.
  3. Masking the smell, you can get rodent deodorant, a solid air freshener that will hide the odour.
  4. Make sure you ventilate the property. This will help rid the smell.
  5. Scented candles or Jasmine sticks is another good solution to mask the smell.

I hope this helps. There is no simple solution to get rid of a rodent that has died in an inaccessible place. A point to make it will disappear. Naturally, it just takes a little bit of time.

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