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As early as March and as late as May, queen wasps are waking up from hibernation, and their main job is to start a nest as quickly as possible and there in a race against time in which many of them lose. The best way to stop queen wasps from making a nest is to act quickly and take preventative measures.

To begin, you should look for signs of a possible nest in areas where the wasps are most likely to build theirs. These include sheltered spots with minimal human traffic, such as under eaves, in attics, and between walls. If you notice any activity or find a nest already formed, don’t attempt to disturb it yourself. Instead, call pest control professionals who will be able to advise on the safest way to remove the colony and discourage new ones from forming.

You can also work on preventing the formation of nests by sealing up any potential entrances into your home that may serve as ideal nesting grounds. This includes repairing any broken window screens, sealing up cracks and crevices, and making sure that your vents are working properly so that the wasps cannot enter.

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