How do I know if I have fleas?

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How do I know if I have fleas?


A flea infestation is probably one of the worst pests you can have in your home, there is no hiding or escaping them while you in your house, they can hide in any crack or crevice and even lay dormant for up to 12 months after a single feed or in the egg stages.

just 24 to 48 hours after a single feed a female flea may lay up to as many as 50 eggs a day they can lay this many eggs due to when they feed they suck up 15 times their own body weight in blood daily.

So how do I know if fleas are in my property?

  1. First thing you should do is check your pet or if you’re seeing your pets scratching a lot this might be because they have fleas normally on pets if you check around the neck you may see the fleas, It might be worth investing in a flea comb to help you search for fleas on your pet.
  2. Searching your animal for fleas you might see some brown little dust masks which are their droppings which is actually dried up blood flea droppings may also be found in the animals bedding or where the animals spend a lot of time.
  3. One of the main reasons why people think they have fleas is because of their bites as a general rule of thumb you always get bitten from the waist down especially around your ankles but no part of the body is not safe.

I know I have fleas how do I get them treated?

cat fleasFleas can be tricky and using chemicals in the houseold can be dangerous so here at Young’s pest control we would always recommend using a professional pest control expert like ourselves.

When we go out to a property we always recommend two treatments spread out 14 days apart this will break the life cycle of the fleas making sure that we get rid of every flea in the property it is always a good idea to book your pet or animal into the vets for a flea treatment.

Flea facts

1. The world has over 2000 different species of fleas the most popular being the cat flea.
2. 1 Adult flea feeding daily over 50 days will a 2050 eggs.
3. Almost all species of fleas the females are larger than the males.
4. If a flea was the same size as a human they could jump 970 feet long.
5. Fleas can jump 30000 times without even stopping.
6. Fleas don’t have her ears.
7. The average flea is anywhere between 2.1 mm and 3.1 mm the biggest flea is the beaver flea which is around 11.1 mm.
8. Fleas can be frozen for up to a year and then revive themselves.

So who would know something about bike show can I have so many amazing facts but don’t worry using a professional company you like Young’s pest control will be able to eradicate your flea infestation with ease.