Can my bumble bees be safely removed?

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Can my bumblebees be safely removed?

Bumblebee removal this depends on a number of factors for example where the nest is if they’re in a cavity wall then it is possible to remove the bees nest but at additional costs, for example, we might need access via scaffolding or a cherry picker. also, there will be additional building costs as we will need to remove some bricks to get the bees out.

lucky enough bumble bees nests once treated and not removed generally don’t cause any further problems sometimes bumblebees will reuse their old nests.

Bumble Bee on flowerBumblebees in bird boxes

If you’re unlucky enough to have a problem with Bumblebees in a birdbox, It might be possible for Young’s Pest Control to move the Birdbox to another part of your garden or somewhere else as long as you have the permissions from the landowners……

Please Do Not attempt to move or disturb the nest yourself as they Will sting you to Defend their nests.

Bumblebees are not protected here in the UK and are able to be removed or killed so don’t worry we have a solution for you

Bumblebees are not protected in the UK we do have a duty of care though as if we didn’t have any bees we wouldn’t have any flowers and crops sometimes bumblebees have to be killed and controlled as they do sting and can cause serious health problems if you were to be stung

bumblebees and not as aggressive as wasps but they will still sting so please bear that in mind if you have people or animals around the area where the nest is if the nest is located away from people and animals and it’s not causing any harm it’s best to leave the bees as they’re good for pollination