Asian Hornet Alert!

There is a new threat potentially on its way to the UK – the Asian Hornet (or Vespa velutina). These non-indigenous species are being found more and more throughout France. They could quickly end up here via a tourist car/caravan, delivery vehicle or even, possibly, by flying over the channel.

These creatures are, on average, around 3cm long and are distinguishable as they are primarily black/brown with one thin yellow band on their middle and bright yellow legs (they have often been nicknamed the yellow-legged hornet). They also have a distinct orange face.
As with our bees, wasps and hornets, they do not pose an immediate danger to most people – but their stings are

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excruciating. In addition, they can be life-threatening to those with an allergy to hornet venom.
They do, however, pose a massive threat to our native creatures – specifically honeybees. As we are aware, honeybees are in decline, and an attack from this additional hornet species on our shores could be devastating.
To put it in context, an average Asian Hornet colony grows to around 6000 individuals. Each of these can devour about 50 honeybees per day! That’s a lot of dead bees!
So, be aware of this potential newcomer but don’t attempt to deal with them. Instead, give us a call to help correctly identify and deal with them or any other nuisance pest.