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The Importance of Wallasey Mice Control

Pest control involves the eradication of harmful pests like mice from our homes and businesses using environmentally safe and effective methods. The main goal of pest management is to keep the public safe from the costly damages caused by pests. Since mice are very small, resistant to many pesticides, and reproduce quickly, mouse control is one of the most challenging pest controls. Given this complexity, most of the Wallasey mice control is usually done by well-trained professionals with experience in mouse removal. If you get a mouse infestation in your house, you must contact these professionals as soon as possible because of the great harm they can cause. Here are some of the reasons why you should never tolerate mice in your house.

  • Home Damage

House mouse, Mus domesticusEach year, pests cause damages to property worth billions of pounds. A good portion of this destruction of buildings and their contents is attributed to mice. Through gnawing of materials like wood, plastics, cloths and paper, mice render many items in homes useless. For example, even a single gnaw on a piece of the fabric means that the amount of material cannot be used anymore. In this way, household items worth millions of pounds are usually thrown out because they cannot be used anymore. A worse form of destruction is electric fires. Many homes have been destroyed through fires caused by mice gnawing on electricity wires. If you have kids, mice can be particularly dangerous as they leave exposed wires which are very dangerous for children. Unfortunately, this kind of damage is usually not covered by insurance companies. There is, therefore, no way to get any compensation regardless of the level of damage.

  • Transmission of Diseases

Mice transmit both diseases and organisms that cause infections. Directly, they transmit diseases like salmonellosis, hepatitis A, Dengue fever and gastroenteritis. Indirectly, they carry many disease-causing organisms like ticks and fleas. These organisms transmit many dangerous diseases from animals to humans. Wallasey mice control is, therefore, not just a matter of keeping your house free from troublesome rodents but a one of public health. Mice infestation anywhere poses a danger everywhere because of the ease with which these diseases can be spread from place to place.

  • Food Contamination

Mouse eating breadGlobally, it is estimated that rodents consume a fifth of all the global food supply. This portion is almost equivalent to the consumption of not just some countries but continents. In a world where food shortages are still a problem in many of its parts, the last thing we want to hear is that a good chunk of its food goes to mice and rats rather than starving children. Apart from consuming food directly, mice also destroy a lot of other food through contamination.

The three reasons given here are just a sample of many others that should make you very uncomfortable having a mice infestation in your house. Wallasey mice control should be a matter of urgency any time you find signs of their presence. Hiring professionals for mice control like Young's Pest Control will ensure that you eliminate them from your house and prevent any future mice infestation.