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Professional Wallasey Cockroach Control

The cockroach is one of the hardiest organisms on the planet; they lived through the mass extinction event of the dinosaurs, and they can survive the most adverse conditions.

For these reasons, they make for one of the most persistent and resilient pests. Getting to grips with a cockroach infestation requires patience, know-how, and the right cockroach treatment equipment, all of which are experts at Young’s Pest Control have. For an effective and affordable Wallasey cockroach control service, you can rely on our professionals to get the job done in no time.

Species of cockroach

German CockroachThere are four species of cockroach in the UK, two of which are responsible for the majority of infestations. These are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach.

• The German cockroach is between 12 and 15mm long and has two black stripes across its thorax. Their ideal environment is a wet, humid one, and they are most often found indoors in bathrooms and kitchens.
• The Oriental cockroach can grow to 30mm in length and is commonly found in decay, such as in rubbish tips. In the household, they prefer damp conditions and can be seen in basements and under porches.

The diseases cockroaches carry

Cockroaches harbour a range of diseases, allergens and give off an unpleasant smell. In addition, food can be contaminated with typhoid and dysentery if it comes into contact with this insect or its droppings.

Therefore, it’s essential to protect yourself with Wallasey cockroach control by calling Young’s Pest Control to reduce and eventually eradicate a cockroach infestation from your property.

Dead cockroachesThe life cycle of this pest is typical of an insect in that it develops from one form to another throughout its life. The first phase of its development is the egg stage when an adult cockroach lays between 30 and 40 eggs into a case. The eggs will hatch after 6 to 7 weeks into nymphs, which are young cockroaches. Then, they will malt up to seven times over 9 to 13 months before becoming a fully-mature adult.

A cockroach pest control service

This complex life cycle is part of the reason why it’s so difficult to remove an infestation with cockroach treatment. Young’s Pest Control is, therefore, available for help and advice on tackling this resilient pest using the most effective Wallasey cockroach control methods.