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Expert St Helens Mole Trapping and Control

If you believe there may be moles on your property, you should not delay having them removed. As you will see below, moles can ruin crops, damage the appearance of lawns and farm equipment. Young's Pest Control is the innovative solution for ending your mole problem before it gets out of control.

Distinguishing The Common Mole

Full size moleMoles are about fifteen centimetres long with broad front paws and muscular forearms. They are equipped with sharp claws, which are perfect for their tunnelling activities. They have a rounded body, no neck and a pointy nose. They are covered in thick fur. Moles have relatively small ears and eyes. This helps the mole because it prevents them from getting clogged up with dirt while they are digging. The mole may not have excellent eyesight, but they have a unique sense that allows them to compensate. This is a bare piece of skin on their snout, which is dotted with tiny pimples. This will enable them to detect both the scent and vibrations caused by their prey. Moles will breed up to two times each year. Each time they breed, they can produce up to six offspring. If you want to prevent your mole problem from worsening, you need our St Helens mole trapping and removal services.

Damage Caused By Moles

The damage caused by moles can be extensive. By digging tunnels under plants and seedlings, damage can be forced to arable crops. This can lead to wilting and death of these crops. The holes can also ruin the appearance of parks, sports grounds and lawns. The presence of moles can also lead to the contamination of silage from soil particles which can, in turn, make it unpalatable for livestock. Other problems caused by the tunnelling include exposing stones which may damage agriculture machinery. This may lead to expensive repairs, which could be prevented simply by hiring our St Helens mole trapping and control service.

Mole in a molehillProfessional St Helens Mole Trapping Services

Young's Pest Control has access to a wide range of St Helen's mole trapping solutions. Our qualified mole control technicians will be able to recommend the best mole pest control treatment for your property. Our St Helens mole trapping and control technicians can survey the property and select the best solution upon arrival. Call today, and we can have a technician visit your property to deal with your mole control problem promptly.