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Professional St Helens Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee swarm in treeHoney bees, as our providers of honey and with their harmless nature are generally adored by the British public. Perhaps not so, however, if they invade your property. Swarms occasionally like to set up home in our homes, in extremely undesirable locations such as chimneys or wall cavities. Honey bee control in our properties is essential to ensure safety as, harmless as they appear, honey bees will sting to protect their nest. Call us today for St Helens honey bee nest removal.

How will I know if I have a honey bee problem and require honey bee control?

You can identify a honey bee problem by the high number of insects around your property. They often swarm, which in itself can be a danger or at least extremely scary if you are caught in the middle. Swarms can be removed by our professionals in a way that does not hurt the bees and indeed, they can be re-homed once honey bee swarm removal has been performed. So, if you have noticed swarming bees around your property contact us to discuss honey bee swarm removal as soon as possible.

Is honey bee hive removal necessary?

Honey Bee HiveOnce our professionals have managed to remove the honey bees, it will be necessary to take care of your St Helens honey bee nest removal. If left, the sugar in the honey that the bees have made in the nest will attract other pests. More dangerous bees, perhaps, might move in and make their home in your property, or you could face opening up your home to all kinds of insects or mites. When we have dealt with the honey bee swarm removal we will ensure that St Helens honey bee nest removal is carried out in the most efficient manner to protect you from further infestations.

Can I carry out honey bee control myself?

No, it is not safe to take on honey bees without assistance from professionals. Although they appear docile, honey bees will sting when they feel threatened. As such it would be foolish to upset an entire swarm of them without protective clothing. We are also fully trained in the use of insecticides and so can use stronger products than you can find in stores. Inferior store-bought products may not be up to the job and may not fully achieve St Helens honey bee nest removal, leaving you exposed to other infestations invading your property. You should, therefore always seek help from our professional pest control team before tackling any honey bee infestation in your property.