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Effective St Helens Grey Squirrel Control Measures to Rid this Pest from Your Property

Grey squirrels have adapted well to urban areas in many UK locations, which brings them into conflict with humans. They can be a harmful pests to have around your home and are capable of causing extensive property damage. Once they take up residence, the best option of dealing with them comes from bringing in professional St Helens grey squirrel control. Young's Pest Control can put measures to get rid of squirrels and keep them away to avoid the damage they can cause.

Squirrel Attractions

Grey squirrel close upA few things can bring squirrels into an area, and the following are some of these.

  • Easy Food: If squirrels find a source of easy food, they are likely to keep close to it. This can especially be a problem for homes that have bird feeders and tables, with squirrels known to go after the food on these.
  • Nesting Sites: Squirrels can be attracted to gardens with trees for the nesting opportunities they provide. Their adept climbing skills mean they can easily make their way to the roof of a building, and if they find a way, they can make their home in a loft area.

While grey squirrels are more likely to be spotted in a rural setting, their numbers have grown to the point that many now invade urban spaces. This has resulted in the need for Rey St Helens squirrel control services increasing.

Squirrel Problems

Grey squirrel pestTheir natural habits can make them destructive around a property, and if St Helen's grey squirrel control is not put in place, they are capable of causing a lot of problems. For example, outside a property, they can damage roof tiles and eaves as a way of getting in, and they are capable of destroying bird feeders in an attempt to get the food. If they get inside a loft or attic area, they can rip at insulating material to use in their nest. They can also gnaw at objects, which can be particularly dangerous if they target electrical wires and communication cables. Therefore, it is sensible to keep them out of a property and garden, with squirrel removal best achieved by using a qualified pest control company.

Young's Pest Control Services

Our St Helens grey squirrel control services include inspecting a property to find the extent of the problem, setting in place grey squirrel control measures that will get rid of them, and recommending squirrel proofing measures to deter any coming back. This ensures that the squirrel removal we offer is practical, and anyone in need of it needs to call or email.