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Professional Rainford Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is caused by the grubs of burrowing beetles, which feed on the timber in our homes and property, weakening its structure and making it potentially unsafe. As well as possible structural damage, a woodworm infestation can cause unsightly and expensive damage to any wood on display, including wooden furniture, beams and exposed floorboards.

All types of untreated wood may be affected. To minimise the damage, it is essential that woodworm is recognised early on and Rainford woodworm treatment started as soon as possible, using the expertise of a professional service such as Young’s Pest Control.

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

Recognising the signs
• You may notice fresh holes in the timber where the grubs burrow in and out.
• There may be fine sawdust where the newly hatched beetles emerge.
• You may even see the grubs or beetles as they come and go in their daily activity.
• Wooden floors and structural beams may seem weak, and you may notice crumbling wood around the edges where the beetles have attacked.
• In the case of the Deathwatch Beetle, you may hear the tapping of the beetles as they try and attract a mate.

How does a Woodworm Infestation Happen?
Woodworm is the larvae of boring beetles. These include the House Longhorn Beetle, Wood Boring Weevils and the dreaded Deathwatch Beetle. The common furniture beetle is also widespread in the UK, resulting in Rainford woodworm treatment furniture solutions. Wood-boring beetles lay eggs in small cracks in the wood. The emerging grubs feed on the wood, in time burrowing a network of tunnels through it. This weakens the structure and causes familiar damage. The grubs grow on to adulthood, and the cycle then starts again with them laying different eggs in the wood.

Treatment for Woodworm Removal
Woodworm larvaeDifferent types of beetle are attracted to other woods, both softwood and hardwood, and will attack wood in different ways. Calling in the experts is always the best option. They will be able to identify the beetles causing your woodworm infestation and use the most effective Rainford woodworm treatment spray to eradicate them and break their breeding cycle so that further damage can be done does not occur. The Rainford woodworm removal treatment spray contains active ingredients, which penetrate the timber, reaching the deeply burrowing larvae and making the treatment more effective. The fountain has to be taken in by the insects to work. Rainford woodworm treatment furniture sprays can be applied locally to deal with furniture beetles.

Calling in the Experts
It is always advisable to call on professional help to treat any infestation, as much is at stake with your home and property. Young’s Pest control services are skilled in identifying and treating your woodworm problem. They have the technical expertise to use pesticides safely and effectively to ensure you and your family are unharmed, so why leave it to chance? Calling in the experts will leave you worry-free, knowing your property has been protected for the years to come.