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Professional Rainford Mole Trapping

Moles are a common pest throughout the UK but, because they spend almost all their time underground, they are rarely seen. They have evolved to become excellent at tunnelling and can dig up to 20m of a tunnel in a day. The first indication of a mole may be a line of molehills suddenly appearing one morning, running across your pristine lawn or borders. Professional Rainford mole trapping at this early stage will prevent further damage and can save you time and money in the long run.

Young's Pest Control has trained technicians on hand and offers an affordable and efficient professional mole pest control service for residential and commercial premises.

Full size moleAbout
Moles are about 15cms long and on average weigh around 80grams. They consume their own bodyweight in food each day on a diet that consists mainly of earthworms, although they also eat insects and even baby mice. They breed once or twice a year producing two to seven pups in a litter. The young are reliant on the mother for food for four to six weeks then leave the nest after two months to find their own territory.
Although their eyesight is very poor, they use their acute sense of smell to find their food and can also detect the vibrations of insects falling into their tunnels.

Moles dig their tunnels at various depths which they use to travel around their territory. The ones near the surface are also used as feeding tunnels, trapping insects that fall into them, while the deeper tunnels will give access to the nests they build for sleeping and breeding. Moles sleep and feed on a four-hour cycle and are active all year round. This means that Rainford mole trapping and control can be carried out at any time of the year.

Mole damage
Mole moundThe shallow tunnels near the surface can undermine the roots of plants, including turf, damaging or killing the plants. Although moles do not eat flowers or vegetables, they expose the roots to air in their tunnels which can damage or kill the plants.

Without professional Rainford mole trapping and control, over time, you may find that your lawn has been turned into a network of yellowing, dying grass as the mole continues to burrow and create its network of tunnels. Since these shallow tunnels are near the surface they can subside, forming a series of ridges or troughs across your lawn and flower beds.

Add to this the unsightly mounds of dirt thrown up from their deeper tunnels and you will find that, without professional Rainford mole trapping and control, a mole can very quickly destroy your lawn as a place to walk or play safely.

So call Young's Pest Control now and ask for a quote on our professional Rainford mole trapping service.